Irish-born Zak Martin is one of the world's foremost psychics and a leading figure in the New Age movement. He has been featured extensively on TV, radio and in the world press, and is widely acclaimed for his powers of psychic detection and criminal profiling on behalf of police forces throughout the world. He is personal and creative advisor to world-famous pop celebrities, television personalities and movie stars. He made headlines in the UK for his psychic detection work with Scotland Yard, his friendship with Princess Diana, and his founding of the London Psychic Centre at Baker Street. He is author of several books, including Quantum Perception, a scientific exploration of the mind and consciousness, and the worldwide best-selling guide to psychic growth, How to Develop your ESP (Harper-Collins).

Zak Martin has contributed to the growth of public interest in psychic and psychological matters by writing articles, giving lectures and taking part in TV and radio programmes dealing with these topics. During the time he lived in the UK he was a frequent guest on London's two main radio stations, LBC and Capital.

As a child, Zak Martin was a musical prodigy, able to play virtually every instrument expertly, despite never having received musical training of any kind. He studied Psychology at University College Dublin, but his real interest was in the hidden powers of the mind, including such abilities as clairvoyance and precognition - abilities he himself had exhibited since early childhood.

Zak Martin has been making headlines since his early teens. He gave his first public talk at Dublin's famous Buswells Hotel at the age of eighteen, and his first demonstration of hypnosis and "the sixth sense" a year later. His stage performances and public experiments - which included a game of chess-by-telepathy with a player in Australia - attracted considerable media attention, and he was featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles around the world. He wrote How to Develop your ESP while he was still a student. The book was published by Harper-Collins and was an immediate success. It was subsequently translated and reprinted in eighteen languages, and has sold over two million copies in paperback.

He was asked to assist in a number of police investigations in the UK and Ireland including a high profile case in which he was able to describe the two men responsible for a series of rape-murders, and pinpoint their precise whereabouts, where they were promptly arrested. Since then he has received a steady stream of requests from police forces around the world - including Scotland Yard - for help with unsolved cases.

He went to live in London, where he established the London Psychic Centre at the exclusive Sherlock Holmes Hotel in London's Baker Street, in Mayfair. The Centre was a major Mind-Body-Spirit venue, attracting thousand of visitors weekly to attend lectures, workshops and demonstrations on psychic-related topics. It was the subject of numerous TV programmes, and became a mecca for the UK's pop stars and show-business personalities.

Zak Martin established his own private consultancy at Kensington, London. His clients include royalty, politicians, heads of major companies, pop stars, TV and movie personalities, and, of course, police departments from around the world seeking his help with unsolved crimes.

Apart from his work as a psychic, Zak Martin has many interests, including playing music, song-writing, painting, writing, photography and chess. He is also actively involved with the Anti War Movement, and writes articles on this subject.

He has a daughter, Galéna, by former top Irish fashion model, Rachel Murray. Galéna, like her father, is a proficient musician and plays several instruments. She has performed at the Irish National Concert Hall with the Irish Academy of Music orchestra, playing cello, and in pop concerts, playing bass guitar. Her debut public performance was introduced by U2's Edge.

Zak Martin lives in Granada, in the south of Spain.